Here are some answers to the most asked questions:

Q:  How do I change what shows up in my 'Member Directory' Profile?
A:  Click on "Your Profile", then choose "Update Directory Preferences".

Q:  How do I see my currently owed balance on my account?
A:  Click on "Your Profile", then choose "View Transactions".  Here you can see all invoice and payment history as well as your current balance.

Q:  Can multiple people at the same address have an account here?
A:  Yes.  The first person who registers with a particular address is the master account holder.  That account can add others at the same address by clicking on "Your Profile" and then add an additional Level 2 or Level 3 member(s)

Q:  What is the difference in a Level 2 or Level 3 member?
A:  Nothing at this time.  But as we continue development, Level 2 would usually be a spouse / significant other and a Level 3 would be children.

Q:  How long does it take to get and ACC request returned?
       A:  The ACC committee has up to 45 days to return your request back to you.  Although most applications are
       processed much faster, different situations cause delays.  Please plan accordingly to allow enough time.

Q:  What are the fees for doing an online payment?
A:   Fees are 2.9% plus $0.80 (USD/CAD) for credit card payments or 0.8% plus $0.50 (US only) for US Bank payments. There is a $15 non-returnable fee for disputes and $4 non-returnable fee for failed US Bank Payments. Apple Pay and Google Pay have the same rates as cards.