Winfield doubles police staff with hiring of deputy marshal
Posted on Jan 26th, 2017

WINFIELD — The town is adding another full-time member to its one-man police force after the Town Council on Tuesday approved the hiring of a deputy marshal.
Dan Ball was hired as town's first town marshal in August of 2014. Winfield will continue to be served by the Lake County Sheriff's Police, under contract with the town.
"It's a long time coming," said Ball, who declined to release the name of his new deputy marshal because the officer has yet to give notice to his current employer. "I've been trying to find my first deputy for almost a year. This is vitally important for us with traffic and as the town continues to grow and add businesses and homes.
"We want to help with the call volume that the county has been taking on over the past many years."
Council member Jim Simmons requested that the deputy marshal help patrol the town's subdivision because of excess speeding on the roads there. Council member Timothy Clayton would like to see more coverage in the early morning hours along 109th Avenue.
Ball said the deputy marshal will be starting soon and a patrol vehicle has already been located for him to use.
"Having the presence of an extra officer is going to be a big thing for the town," Ball said.  
Ball also said that 2016 was a positive year police-wise for the town with a few problems that were resolved with the help of the county police. 
"The relationship between us and the county and Crown Point and Hobart and other surrounding agencies is building and is very positive," Ball said. 
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